Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bearing Drift needs you

Will you pledge $7 for Bearing Drift's 7th year?

As one of Virginia's leading conservative voices with some of the best bloggers in the Commonwealth, Bearing Drift is in the middle of a fund drive to raise money to put out the print edition of BD magazine for 2012 (offered free) and continue with the reporting and opinion many have come to expect.

Our fund drive has reached 38% of the goal with contributions from a wide array of folks who believe in BD and the good work being done there in print, radio, and online.

Jim Hoeft, the admiral of this ship, perhaps said it best:
 ... we’re attempting to offer all our products still for free, while all the contributors, me included, continue to do this as a hobby and labor of love. It’s the passion for free speech and free expression – and advancing conservative ideas – that gives us our greatest motivation.
Our goal is to raise $7000 by New Year’s Day – and that doesn’t give us much time. But we are nearly 50 per cent of the way there, thanks to the generosity of nearly 50 readers.

Yet there are more than 1000 unique visitors to this website each day – surely some of you will consider a small donation to continuing conservative commentary for the commonwealth?

Conservatives certainly know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And Liberals believe in handouts. Surely all our readers will find some reason to support the effort!

So, we thank you for being here for us – and we promise to be here for you, day after day. After all, we might start the conversation, but it’s still your voice that makes it great.

Please donate today.

J.R. Hoeft

Uncomfortable with online donations? That’s ok!

Make your check payable to “Virginia Line Media” and send to:
Bearing Drift
PO Box 16828
Chesapeake, VA 23328
Won't you join me in helping to keep the conservative voice of Bearing Drift a viable part of the political conversation in the Commonwealth ... all for less than the cost of lunch?

Bearing Drift's excellent contributors ... thanks to them all:
Jim Hoeft
Shaun Kenney
Norm Leahy
Jason Kenney
Brian Kirwin
Brian Schoeneman
D.J. McGuire
Jason Johnson
Krystle Weeks
Jane Dudley
Ken Falkenstein
D.J. Spiker
Leslie Carbone
Steven Osborne
Chris Obenshain
E. M. Barner
Ward Smyth
Amit Singh
Anne Flandermeyer Kirwin
Scott Lee
... and me.
Thank you for reading!

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