Friday, December 02, 2011

Winter wonderland ... The Homestead

 The signature two-story Christmas tree anchors one end of the Homestead's Great Hall.

 The traditional gingerbread house is a village this year. It was created by the Homestead Pastry Team using 80 pounds of gingerbread, 110 pounds of candy, and 260 pounds of sugar.

 Hot sulphur spring on the grounds of the Homestead. The crystal waters of this natural mineral spring are actually warm rather than hot as the name suggests. They flow constantly at 97 degrees and enjoy a mild sulphur content which made them popular for "taking the waters" beginning in 1766.

 The Casino with toy shop and restaurant (left), the fire pit where guests are roasting s'mores, and the ice skating rink.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell & SWAC Husband
2 December 2011

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