Thursday, December 29, 2011

VA Primary ... and then there were two lawsuits

It looks as if the name of the game in Republican presidential candidate campaigns these days is "lawsuit." What a shame. I thought our party was more than that but what we've seen lately is if you can't win by the rules, change the rules.

The latest lawsuit, however, has been filed by a Tea Party person instead of a Republican. He wants to get Newt Gingrich on the ballot after Newt failed to turn in the proper amount of legitimate signatures on December 22 and was disqualified by the Republican Party of Virginia.

According to WTVR CBS-6 out of Richmond:
Attorney Jonathon Moseley of Reston, Va., says he filed the suit Thursday in the Circuit Court of Richmond County. It contends that Gingrich met the requirement of filing 10,000 signatures and that many of those were improperly excluded. The suit also takes issue with how the Republican Party of Virginia determined that not enough signatures were valid.
Is this the new normal? Good-bye personal responsibility and states rights ... hello, lawsuits?

What a crying shame.

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Cindi said...

This is so embarrasing for us Republicans. Those in the past could follow the rules and they haven't changed. I am not ashamed of Virginia, but for those who are filing these claims.