Saturday, December 03, 2011

GOP Advance: Bowling with Bolling

 The Homestead's bowling alley was packed at the "Bowling with Bolling" hospitality suite Friday night. In this photo is Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, who is running for Governor, along with Shaun Kenney, Jason Kenney, Tom Foley, Matt Wells, and others.
For those coming over to read this from the "Not Larry Sabato" blog, these photos were taken of the bowlers and not all the other people behind them. If you know the Homestead's bowling alley, behind the area shown was a pool table that had people playing, tables with food, a bar ... and it was so crowded that it was difficult to walk around at the packed event. As anyone who bowls knows, only the bowlers are actually at the lanes.

A unique and successful "hospitality suite," fun was had by all and the food was deemed by many to be the best of the night and didn't run out: cheeseburgers, chicken wings, and subs.

Marissa Pugmire with her boss.

Photos by SWAC Husband
2 December 2011

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