Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All politics is local ... time to regroup

Colorado blogger NightTwister reporting over at Red State has a great post about getting back to basics and rebuilding the ground game for the GOP. He wrote:
Colorado turned very blue in 2008. When I moved here in 2000, the following government offices were controlled by Republicans:
- Governor
- Both U.S. Senate seats
- 5 of 7 U.S. House seats
- Colorado State Senate
- Colorado State House of Representatives
Every single one of those offices are now controlled by Democrats. We've been out-spent and out maneuvered, and our message has been completely lost. The Colorado GOP is in shambles. There are several reasons why we've lost so much ground, but a huge part of that reason is we've completely given up in areas where we thought we couldn't win.
He adds that Republican bloggers are going to organize to work on turning Colorado red again:
Several of us from the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs are going to be putting our efforts into a 65-district statewide strategy. We will give no ground to the Democrats. We will fight them in the greatest strongholds. We also need to be true to the basic tenets of conservatism. Mark Hillman puts it into a business example:
We need to adopt a business mindset. Quite simply we are losing market share. When you really boil it down, we sell red widgets and the other party sells blue widgets. If the red widgets aren’t selling then one of three things might be going on…
1) People just don’t want red widgets anymore because they don’t offer what they want. (We need to change our widget.)
2) People just don’t know about the red widgets and don’t realize that they really are a good product. (We need better advertising.)
3) The red widgets do not actually deliver the features that they are advertised to be able to do. (We need to walk the talk.)
If conservative bloggers organized in other states including the now-blue Virginia, perhaps we could learn from the Colorado bloggers.
NightTwister concludes by suggesting:
I strongly urge others here to do likewise in their own community, County & State. I don't believe that we need to move people to the right nearly as much as we need to get the ones that are already to the right involved and informed.
Read the entire post ... it has good information. Time to get to work.

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