Monday, November 10, 2008

Terry McAuliffe files papers for VA governor

Fox News is reporting that Terry McAuliffe has filed papers showing interest in running for Virginia governor in 2009. He has set up a campaign committee and plans to tour the state with a finger in the wind to check the mood of voters for a McAuliffe run.

He has a friend in Waynesboro Democrat chairman Chris Graham with whom I talked on Election Day about this very subject. Thinking Graham would be for Creigh Deeds who is from neighboring Bath County, he instead expressed a definite interest in McCauliffe because of his fundraising abilities and his name recognition.

McAuliffe, who was chairman of the DNC during the Clinton years, would also bring the Clinton Machine to Virginia.

Besides Creigh Deeds, Democrat Brian Moran is expected to run for the gubernatorial Democrat nominee.

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Mike said...

I guess no good Deeds goes unpunished.