Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chris Saxman joins legislative advisory board

Saxman to Serve on Legislative Advisory Subcommittee of Council on Virginia's Future

Delegate Chris Saxman has accepted the invitation of Governor Tim Kaine to serve on the Legislative Advisory Subcommittee of the Council on Virginia's Future. Governor Kaine asked Delegate Saxman to serve on this Subcommittee due to his leadership and work with the bipartisan, bicameral Virginia Cost Cutting Caucus.

The Council on Virginia's Future was established in 2003 by HB2097. Carried by Delegate Michele McQuigg, the bill was strongly supported by the Cost Cutting Caucus. This bill formed the Council on Virginia's Future as a part of plan to establish long-term, results-based planning for Virginia's state government. The measure also required every state agency to develop a strategic plan, as a part of the Government Performance and Results Act.

As a result of this measure, the Council has created Virginia Performs, a performance leadership and accountability system, to track and report state agency performance. To further improve and refine this system, the Governor has established the Legislative Advisory Subcommittee in order to gain more legislative input and insight.

"Delegate McQuigg and the Cost Cutting Caucus worked very hard for several years to establish the Council on Virginia's Future, and to get Virginia to take a longer-term approach to governing and planning," said Delegate Saxman. "I am very proud of our efforts to establish this forward-thinking Council 5 years ago, and I am pleased by the work that has been accomplished by the Council."

"I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the Council to continue the effort that has already begun and to continue to work to find ways that government can do a better job serving the people of the Commonwealth," added Delegate Saxman. "The Council on Virginia's Future is an important tool that allows us the chance to look beyond just a two-year state budget cycle, and implement strategic plans to continue to move Virginia in the right direction. I look forward to the chance to help shape those strategic plans."

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