Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Card Check" or "Employee Free Choice Bill" ... no matter the name, it stinks

Alton over at I'm Not Emeril has an excellent post about the Employee Free Choice Act, otherwise known as Card Check, supported by Democrats, to take away the privacy of company employees to vote for unions.

Alton has been in a union; he knows what he's talking about. It's a scary proposition and one that very well may come to pass from the same Democrat-controlled Congress that brought us the stimulus bill, bailouts, and more.

Alton ends his post:
Virginians need to know that Senator Mark Warner has decided that the democratic (small "d") process need not apply to you and your workplace.
Be afraid ... be very afraid.


Bob K. said...

I wish things had their proper names. The Union Thug Relief Act is a gift to those unions who so heavily invested in the Democrat Party. Think of what happens when the secret ballot is taken away!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

LOL. Those in unions are scared for this bill to be passed so that should say something to others.