Thursday, July 23, 2009

In defense of police officers ... Obama says they "acted stupidly"

Barack Obama said the police officers in Cambridge, Massachusetts "acted stupidly" when arresting Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Barack Obama owes them an apology. Not only did he make the statement slamming the police on Wednesday night ... CNN is reporting that he is standing behind his statement. Talk about arrogance.

The arresting officer, Sgt. James Crowley, has said point-blank he will not apologize for doing what was right. Good for him. Fox News reported:
"I know I’m not apologizing. It’s not that I’m digging in my heels, I just have nothing to apologize for,” said Sgt. James Crowley.
Fox News audio: Cambridge cop speaks out!

I have police officers in my family. I am surrounded by police officer friends and police officer bloggers. They are the front line ... our First Responders ... in a national crisis, those we depended on after 9/11 along with firemen and emergency workers. Has Obama forgotten the NYPD in the wake of 9/11? They are responsible and go the extra mile to be fair before arresting anyone. They take abuse ... they are courteous ... they are often in harm's way.

I am grateful to have police officers watching out for our communities. They leave home never knowing if they will return, not knowing what kind of situation will be encountered during their shift.

A big THANK YOU to all those officers throughout the nation who protect us ... and God bless them and their families

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An honest American said...

What else would you expect from a person like Obama? His own community in which he has bragged about is as dangerous as any war zone. He has lied about so many things and relationships, his last name should be Clinton.

I have never witnessed an American President getting SO involved in such a mundane case of proper action by police, but yet his supporters love him for stepping in and speaking out, about something he had no real idea about.

Just goes to show ow far the Left will allow him into their lives. And, NO, I don't give a damn who gets mad at me about saying so.

You Liberals need your wool shaved before it blocks ALL of your vision.