Saturday, July 25, 2009

Live-blogging the Homestead debate ... #1

Connections seem to be stable for computer connections so we're set to go. Only 20 minutes left until debate start.

WTOP is interviewing next to me ... importance of this debate is being emphasized. This is essentially a national election since only Virginia and New Jersey have gubernatorial elections.

Four years ago the same two candidates, Bob McDonnell (R) and Creigh Deeds (D) ran against one another for Virginia Attorney General. That matchup went down to the wire with a recount that occurred about a month after the November election.

The drama began the morning after the election when my phone rang at 7 am asking that I head to the Augusta County Government Center to observe the checking of the election machine tapes. That continued to the recount in December when observers from both sides spent the day at the Augusta County Courthouse going through the ballots. It was a long day but it was a learning experience for me. Bob McDonnell won that election by 300 votes.

Now the same two candidates are facing each other for the gubernatorial contest and today is Round 1 of that campaign. It should be an interesting day and may set the pace for the next four months.

Check into for interviews, live-stream of the debate, discussions ... check it out. Be sure to keep an eye here throughout the morning.

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