Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rush: "Wake up, GOP!

Rush Limbaugh:
"Palin's favorable rating stable after announcing her resignation." So the numbers are this: The candidate most likely to support for the 2012 Republican nomination for president today based on Republicans and Republican-leaning independents: Romney 26, Sarah Palin 21, Huckabee 19, Newt 14, Tim Pawlenty, 3%. Haley Barbour, 2%.

However, when you get to the favorable ratings of current leading contenders, you have Sarah Palin at 72% approval among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents; 56% approve of Romney and 59% approve of Huckabee.
Sarah Palin continues to be a leader in the Republican Party despite the senseless attacks from liberals. The Sarah Palin-like politics of personal destruction are the playbook of the Democrat Party.

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