Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama: 51% disapprove

The honeymoon's over ... latest Rasmussen poll has more Americans disapproving of Barack Obama than approving. Reality is sinking in ... the president is not who he said he was as a candidate. Thanks to DJ McGuire at Right-Wing Liberal, we find out all the details.


Unknown said...

With the way the economy is going, and Obama having only been in office for 7 months I wouldn't doubt that the polls would go down a bit.

WEveryone is looking for a quick fix, but this fix may not become evident for many years to come. One can only do so mucgh after the devastation caused by Bush and his corporate "Raiders of the Economy"


Lynn R. Mitchell said...

You sound like Obama but you can't pin this one on President Bush. Time to stand up and be a leader and accountable for excessive spending beyond anything we have every seen in our lives.

Unknown said...

Axtually, Yes we can pin this one, and many others, on Bush.

Why is it that the man who screwed the entire nation gets a pass, yet the guy who has to clean up his mess is held accountable?