Sunday, July 12, 2009

M*A*S*H ... Afghanistan style

We lost several American soldiers in Afghanistan the past few days, and British troops have been hit hard. As a result, the British field hospital at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, has been overrun with battlefield injuries and fatalities.

I can almost see Radar with an ear cocked to the sky as choppers are heard in the distance ... and the PA system blaring out, "Attention, all medical personnel! Attention! Incoming choppers! Repeat! Incoming!"

For all the comedy in that show, the underlying seriousness was that Korea was a real war ... and so is this one.

Eight British soldiers were killed Friday in Britain's bloodiest battles of the Afghanistan war. From Reuters:
Britain and the United States have launched simultaneous operations this month in Afghanistan's most violent province, Helmand, nearly half of which was under Taliban control until this month.

The British "Operation Panther's Claw" has met tough resistance from Taliban home-made bombs and sniper positions. Fighters have also struck back elsewhere in the province.
Britain has been a valued ally in the war on terrorism. Our prayers go to the fallen heroes and their families in Britain and America.

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