Saturday, March 09, 2013

2013 Snowy Highland Maple Festival ... the journey over the mountain ... photos # 4

 The journey to Highland's annual Maple Festival is part of the fun. This was early Saturday morning when we found ourselves climbing Shenandoah Mountain behind a tractor-trailer. He pulled to the side on the other side and let everyone pass. Poor guy ... can you imagine? "Breaker, breaker ... what's up with all the traffic on Rt. 250 this morning? There's what going on this weekend? Oh, shoooot."

McDowell was bustling as we pass by on Rt. 250 and rolled on to Monterey.

We had a late breakfast/early lunch of pancakes and maple syrup for $8 per person. That was all you could eat plus sausage patties plus drinks. They started you with two plate-sized pancakes drenched in pure maple syrup so how many did each of us eat? Two. Can you say "filling"?

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
March 9, 2013

Highland Chamber of Commerce:

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