Friday, March 08, 2013

End of watch 3/7/2013 ... Virginia State Trooper Julius Walker

Master Trooper Julius A. Walker, a forty-year veteran of the Virginia State Police, was shot and killed in the line of duty on Thursday, March 7, 2013, while stopped on I-85 in Dinwiddie County. One suspect is in custody and charges are pending. Trooper Walker is survived by his wife and two daughter.

From Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell:
"Virginia’s public safety professionals are on the front lines every day protecting their fellow citizens from harm and pursuing those individuals whose actions put others in danger. These men and women are heroes who place their lives on the line to protect their fellow Virginians. Today, Virginia lost one of its heroes. Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and Department of State Police, as we mourn the loss of Master Trooper Walker who was killed in the line of duty today after 40 years of service.

"Sadly, since I have been governor, I have spoken with the families of our fallen law enforcement officers far too often. Each time we lose another officer, I am reminded of the sacrifice that our law enforcement professionals and their loved ones make each and every day. There are no words from me or anyone else that can take away the pain these families feel when they are notified that their husband, wife, child, mother, father, brother or sister will not return home from their shift.

"On behalf of all 8 million of the citizens of the Commonwealth, I offer our heartfelt condolences and gratitude for the sacrifices these families have made to keep us all safe. Today, I offer such condolences to Master Trooper Walker’s wife Betty, his two daughters Vera and Clarissa, and the rest of his family, friends, and colleagues. Our prayers are with them during this difficult time. Virginia has lost a brave public servant and hero."
Rest in peace, Trooper Walker.

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