Monday, March 04, 2013

Don't be hypocritical about a Bolling Independent run

In September 2011, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli endorsed Independent candidate Bill Janis for Henrico Commonwealth's Attorney over the GOP nominee.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that, while endorsing the Independent candidate, Cuccinelli said:
"I have a substantially greater deal of faith in Bill Janis' ability to make those decisions than I do anyone else in this race, and that is without regard to party label." [emphasis added]
Cuccinelli then further pushed aside the Republican Party:
Cuccinelli said political affiliation has little to do with decisions made by local leaders, nor should it get in the way of selecting, or endorsing, the best candidate in a race.

"I'm a Republican because I fit better there, but it's not the reason for my being, politically," he said.
The faux indignation from Cuccinelli supporters about Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling's consideration of an independent run for Governor rings just a little hypocritical.

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