Thursday, March 28, 2013

Governor McDonnell: 'I have been honored to work with Lacey'

Just as former Delegate Chris Saxman worked alongside Delegate Lacey Putney and remembered him as a Virginia gentleman, so did a young delegate from Virginia Beach named Bob McDonnell who went on to become Governor of Virginia. Today he remembered his colleague who announced on Wednesday that he would be retiring after 52 years in the Virginia House of Delegates:
“Delegate Lacey Putney has been a fixture in Virginia politics for more than five decades, and has served the citizens of Bedford County with dedication, focus and selflessness since he entered the legislature in 1961. A true Virginia statesman, Lacey’s independent perspective and distinctive voice have provided insight into debates for scores of Virginia’s historic legislative decisions.

“I have been honored to work with Lacey throughout my political career and count him among one of the wisest, most dedicated colleagues I have had the opportunity to work with as a fellow delegate, attorney general and governor.

“He has provided leadership on countless issues, not the least of which is his fiscal stewardship for taxpayers as Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee where he has played a key role in keeping Virginia ranked among one of the best states in the nation for sound governance, and his term as acting Speaker of the House where his leadership steadied the House during a difficult transition. I have enjoyed working closely with Lacey and his staff during my time as governor where we have had to make some difficult budget decisions. His counsel and advice have proven vital to navigating the Great Recession and its impact on the Commonwealth. He will long be remembered for his steadfast dedication to working for his constituents, state employees, and the entire Commonwealth with a focus on what's good for Virginia above any partisan political allegiance. He was a no nonsense fiscal disciplinarian who earned respect for his thoughtfulness and desire to do the right thing, not the expedient thing. He will be missed greatly, and his 52 years of consecutive service in the House of Delegates will not likely be replicated.

“I wish Lacey the best in his future endeavors and hope that he and his wife Carmela are able to relax and enjoy the bounties that Virginia has to offer in his retirement.”
There will undoubtedly be more remembrances coming out in the days ahead about this long-time Virginia leader.

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