Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bob McDonnell, transportation, and 73% approval rating

The Washington Times reported Wednesday morning:
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell likely didn’t quell a Republican backlash against him with a series of late-night amendments he added to legislation passed during the General Assembly session. But, analysts say, he also probably didn’t make things much worse.
I would like to suggest a correction to that paragraph. Governor McDonnell does not have a general Republican backlash concerning amendments to legislation passed during the 2013 General Assembly. Any push-back has mostly come from the far-right wing of the party, as noted by the Roanoke Times. There are many within the party who agree with the actions of the Governor and the need to address transportation issues that have been bypassed for decades.

McDonnell may have that segment of the right wing hounding him but the latest Quinnipiac poll taken post-passage of the transportation bill shows him with a whopping 73% approval rating among Republicans, and 64% think the state is headed in the right direction.

Bob McDonnell did the right thing for Virginia, and the polls show Virginians are grateful for that pragmatic conservative leadership. He continues to rank as one of the most popular Republican governors in America.

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