Wednesday, October 28, 2009

200 turn out for Shenandoah BOS meeting ... BOS postpones meeting

We the People were out in force Tuesday night at the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The supervisors were set to meet at 7:00 pm. Citizens held a rally last Friday that brought out 100 residents upset about their outrageous real estate assessments and planned to turn out in force to the meeting. Citizens for Honest Government teamed up with rally organizer Phil Hunt to encourage people to attend.

They did!

Our boots-on-the-ground reported that over 200 people turned out for the meeting on a rainy and messy night. Many carried signs and "pink slips" saying "You're fired!"

The first 100 chairs filled quickly. More chairs were carried in; they filled. People stood in every square inch of standing room and the crowd overflowed into the hallway.

At 7:00, BOS chairman Ferguson showed up long enough to say there was a problem because they had exceeded the number of people allowed by the fire marshall, and postponed the meeting until Thursday at 7:00 pm at the Central school campus to have room for all residents. He also announced he would have a "presentation" first to tell about the reassessments. (My boots-on-the-ground said, "He is known for 1 1/2-hour dissertations so he will try to run out the clock so people will have to leave.")

By 7:11 pm, it was over.

All those people traveled out on a cold, rainy night only to be sent home. One would think the supervisors would allow the maximum number of people allowed in the building by the fire marshall and carry on.

What happened in Augusta County is now happening in Shenandoah County. Real estate assessments that are skyrocketing have hit landowners at a time of financial depression.

All residents are now being urged to turn out for the meeting on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, at 7:00 pm at Central school campus.

Residents denied the opportunity to speak on Tuesday said they would be back on Thursday with more people so look for the crowd to grow. According to the Northern Virginia Daily:
Barbara McDonald, of Strasburg, said she'll be there Thursday "with bells on." She said she and her brother own identical tracts of land, and his assessment went up $1,700, and hers went up $45,000.

Fort Valley resident Dan Knapp's assessment went up 125 percent, he said, which he can't afford in this economy. He's in the construction business, and hasn't had much work lately.

"We haven't had beef in my house in 10 months," Knapp said. "We eat deer, and we eat vegetables from the garden."

He's coming out Thursday night, "and I will be bringing more people. It's just ridiculous."
DIRECTIONS: Take Woodstock exit and turn east. Go through first traffic light and past CVS Pharmacy. On right will be a driveway that runs beside the ballfield for the Central school campus; follow drive to area of school where meeting is held (look for cars).

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