Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama "dithers" as terrorists kill troops and U.N. employees

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Under the "leadership" of Barack Obama, the Taliban are emboldened and attacks are on the rise in the Middle East. Now the United Nations has been affected and Donald covers it at American Power:
The deaths of five U.N. employees in a Taliban assault on a Kabul guesthouse Wednesday is forcing the world body and humanitarian agencies to reevaluate the way they operate in Afghanistan, officials said, putting at risk programs aimed at helping millions of people and stabilizing the war-torn country.
I hope the U.N. is taking notice of the empty suit sitting in the White House ... the man many world leaders fawned over and flaunted in the face of former President George W. Bush. As Donald noted:
There's a horrible irony here for the Obama administration. The election of Barack Obama to the presidency lifted the hopes of liberal internationalists, seeing the Democratic victory as a validation of Obama's call for "a new era of global partnership" and of building "bridges of cooperation with the U.N. and other nations." Of course, now the president - who is stalling a decision on U.S. General Stanley McChrystal's request for troop reinforcements - is himself destroying that very vision of a new era in international relations.
Ironic, indeed. October is the bloodiest month ever in the war in Afghanistan (following three previous bloody months during the Obama administration). For two months a recommendation has sat on the president's desk requesting additional American troops to support those already in place ... for two months this president has had time for everything else except a decision on the war.

Because we are still at war. Remember Operation Enduring Freedom?

While our brave Marines and soldiers sacrifice to protect our freedoms and safety, their hands are tied with insufficient backup and restrictive Rules of Engagement ... and they are dying.

Dying, Mr. President. No amount of photo ops in the middle of the night as bodies arrive home from Afghanistan will change it. But your response by providing the requested troops -- pronto! -- could help.

While our president jets off to Coppenhagen to pick up his "peace prize," our troops are dying.

While Obama golfs with buddies, our troops are dying.

While the Democrats declare war on Fox News Channel (an act that is totally unpresidential and beneath the dignity of the White House), our troops are dying.

A result of this president's actions will be a drop in morale with the troops and the countries who have depended on our help. Many are calling for a decision from the president. Others have demanded that Congress read the McKrystal report.

Meanwhile, our troops are fighting. May God bless them and keep them safe while their Commander-in-Chief dithers away his time.

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