Friday, October 30, 2009

IBD: "A 1,990 page monstrosity"

The health care debate in America is yet the latest reason citizens should be paying attention to their government. Every man, woman, and child is about to be slammed with the most horrendous piece of legislation ever seen in this country ... yet, many are still oblivious to it.

Take into consideration these government-run programs: U.S. Post Office, Medicare, Cash for Clunkers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Amtrak ... do I need to go on? All are deep in financial trouble.

Now consider the government taking over health care for the entire country ... and imagine the debt, mismanagement, and fraud that will come with it.

Today's Investor's Business Daily looks at the 1,990 page monstrosity that is the health care plan ... and they are not impressed:
Just as most congressional Democrats refused to listen to the angry public at town halls in the summer, Speaker Pelosi was not interested in ordinary Americans attending the outdoor rally on the West Front of the Capitol, where she and her fellow House Democrats rolled out their 1,990-page monster health reform bill on Thursday.

YouTube recorded someone not on the RSVP list being refused entry and asking a staffer why the announcement of legislation that will radically affect the lives of all Americans isn't open to the public. "Because that's how we're handling this event," she told him.

Truth be told, most lawmakers are excluded too. As the Hudson Institute's Hanns Kuttner noted on the National Review Web site, you would have to devour 221 pages a day to have read this life-changing legislation in its entirety before it comes to a vote, promised for before Veterans Day, Nov. 11.
Democrats are not listening. Barack Obama is not listening. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are not listening. They are poised to jam nationalized health care down the throats of the majority of Americans who do not want it.

Contact Mark Warner and Jim Webb and tell them you do not want it passed. I contacted their Richmond offices and asked that they vote NO.

Senator Jim Webb
RICHMOND - 804-771-2221 / Fax: 804-771-8313

WASHINGTON - 202-224-4024 / Fax: 202-228-6363
Toll Free Number: 1-866-507-1570

Senator Mark Warner
RICHMOND - 804-775-2314 / Fax Number: 804-739-3478

WASHINGTON - 202-224-2023 / Fax: 202-224-6295

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