Monday, October 26, 2009

Virginia Dems disenfranchise soldiers

Virginia's active military were disenfranchised in the 2008 elections while voter fraud occurred in the Commonwealth under Democrat Gov. Tim Kaine's watch.

Tom White at Virginia Right exposes voter fraud arrests in Louisa County:
While felons were voting illegally, Virginia’s active duty military were being disenfranchised because their requested absentee ballots were mailed out too late. Hundreds of our Service men and women saw their ballots tossed aside.

Unbelievably, the Virginia State Board of Elections Chairwoman Jean Cunningham, who was appointed by Governor Tim Kaine, feels it is not her duty to mail the absentee ballots out in a timely manner, and she can refuse to count them if they are received late.

Last week, the courts disagreed and ordered that the votes be counted. (See post.)
Democrat hypocrites....

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