Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Tis the season ... "County Fair" harvest festival

"Welcome" to the County Fair harvest party! The annual church event is a hit every year. The parking lot was filled to capacity as kids of all ages enjoyed this year's festivities.

Come right in ... it's lots of fun! Be sure to sidle up to the barn and rake in some of those good eats ... chili, chicken nuggets, fries, and nachos. Don't forget your goodie bag of candy treats!

Now that's a hay wagon where little ones can't bail over the side! As the hayride drove past with laughing children ...

... Mr. Scarecrow kept a watchful eye over the parking lot and the autumn-colored hills beyond.

Kurt found an alpaca friend ...

... one of those miniatures that mirror llamas.

Look out, Partner ... Jason was helping the kids take their turn on the climbing wall ...

... while his better half was at the bottom to help little ones find their way safely off the slide. What a cute buckaroo!

Our own little ladybug and the gun slinger prepare to head out to the harvest party.

Cotton candy clouds ... the perfect ending to the day looking out from Waynesboro at the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Photo by SWAC Daughter.

Photos by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
25 October 2009

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