Thursday, October 15, 2009

Breaking: Parent's nightmare ... 6-year-old alone in runaway hot air balloon

Breaking news coming from Fox News is of a six-year-old boy who climbed into a hot air balloon shaped like a flying saucer (I think it looks more like an aluminum mushroom) and is now airborne ... alone.

The runaway balloon is now at 1,500 feet as the air thins and gets colder. As rescue personnel scramble to track the balloon and retrieve its passenger, Denver Airport is clearing air space because prevailing winds may guide the balloon in that direction.

My heart almost stopped when I heard this story, imagining my children at that age in that situation. How ... very ... frightening. Prayers go up for those parents and that little boy.

Fox News Channel is tracking this story with TV coverage.

UPDATE: At 3:40 Eastern Time the balloon suddenly slowed down and drifted to the ground where rescuers grabbed the tether lines and held it down. No little boy was found inside and now the concern is that he could have fallen out. This story is not over....

UPDATE #2:The little boy was found, safe and sound, hiding in the attic of his house. There will be many speculations about what happened ... was it real ... was it an accident? That's for others to ponder. As a parent, I am glad this little boy is safe.

UPDATE #3: Was it a hoax? Fox News reports there may be charges filed against the parents.

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