Monday, October 19, 2009

My mom and Virginia Right blogger Tom White

Mom waits for BBQ at Saturday's Republican Round-Up.

I think there's something going on between my mom and Tom White of Virginia Right! Everytime I turn around, those two are running into each other!

Mom and Tom first met on Bloggers Row during the Republican State Convention at the Richmond Coliseum in May. A month or so later they ran into each other ... Tom and his wife sharing a table with my folks at an Eric Cantor event. Then Saturday they hooked up again at Eric Cantor's Republican Round-Up ... in fact, Mom was the one who alerted me that Tom was there even before I had seen him.

Today Tom has posted his update about the Round-Up at Virginia Right and has nice words to say about my blog-surfing mother:
And I can’t forget to add Lynn’s Mom. It is always great to see this beautiful lady. And she can absolutely quote everything that is written on every blog in the state. She keeps her ear to the tracks, for sure!
Thanks for the kind words, Tom. She is amazing, and is still energetic and political in her 80s. My folks are examples to live by ... never give up, never slow down, and never let a little hard work get in the way of success. They are what makes up the Greatest Generation.

Check out Tom's post about the Round-Up and about spending time with Tito the Builder at an hispanic event afterwards supporting Bob McDonnell for Governor. He has video up and will have photos posted later today.

Photo by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
17 October 2009

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Tom White said...

I also note that Eric Cantor seems to be present for these clandestine meetings. Should we worry?