Sunday, October 25, 2009

Need a Halloween costume? Zelma's in historic downtown Staunton has it!

Zelma's in historic downtown Staunton.

The sign says it all: Zelma's ... Purveyors of Antiques, Vintage Clothing, Kitsch, and Fun!

Zelma's vintage store in historic downtown Staunton has everything you need to put together a costume for Halloween or a fall festival or costume party.

Owned by local resident Kimberly Berry who named the business for her grandmother, Zelma's is fun and quirky, full of lace and masks and fairy wings and dresses and vintage jewelry and everything needed for a fun evening in mascarade for children and adults.

From today's Staunton News Leader:

"We always do well in recession because vintage is a much better bargain than new clothes," [Kimberly Berry] said, adding much of what customers find in the store are higher-end items and were made in America. "We're doing very well this year even with the limited hours."

Berry, who buys the vintage items and decides how they're displayed, said at Halloween she likes to recommend couples costumes, "like Annie Oakley and a target," or ones that reflect a play on words.

"I look for things that people can use to make economical costumes by putting pieces together," Berry said. "We don't do the things like trademarked superheroes. We try to encourage creativity and more realistic-looking costumes."
Zelma's is open Monday through Saturday, and is located on New Street between Cranberry's and the New Street Parking Garage/tourism information office. Contact them by phone at (540) 885-3966 or by email.

Photo by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell

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