Sunday, October 25, 2009

SWAC Conservative Round Table Breakfast ... 50+ turn out to discuss issues

Many requests were made over the months by local folks who wanted to see a return of the SWAC breakfasts. A coalition of conservatives met today, led by local conservative leader Kurt Michael. See previous post.

David Karaffa, Augusta Board of Supervisor candidate who plans to run in 2011.

Dean Welty of the Valley Forum passed out Voter Guides from the Virginia Family Foundation.

Constitution Party chairman Dave Mason.

Sisters Lyn and Sue organized the Tea Party's 9/12 bus to the March on Washington.

Francis Chester updates about Augusta County real estate assessments and their financial sanctions against him for filing a lawsuit on behalf of 10,500 residents.

David Karaffa speaks as overflow crowd listens inside and outside the door.

Alex helped hand out materials.

Photos by SWAC Daughter
24 October 2009

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