Monday, October 26, 2009

Augusta Board of Supervisors ... leave no dollar unspent

Got home around 10:30 tonight from an Augusta County Board of Supervisors meeting that was still going when I left. Four public hearings in one night ... how ridiculous is that? That on top of a staff briefing at 1:30 this afternoon that lasted two hours. I actually took the title line from Supervisor Tracy Pyles during the staff briefing. He has been totally disgusted at the hand-over-fist spending of this board.

Tonight the BOS and Planning Commission were there for a public hearing about the 5,000 zoning change proposals that will affect everything from livestock to paving parking lots to lighting to what kind of trees a business can plant.

Probably 30-40 people addressed the board in the first hearing that lasted from 7-9:15 pm. I talked to a bunch of people afterwards who were ticked off. Plant a certain type of tree? One business owner said he would rather hire an unemployed person.

More on this update Tuesday. I surely hope they didn't vote for that colossal pile of red tape tonight....


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