Sunday, June 27, 2010

The back roads of Grayson County in June

The back roads of western Grayson County are at some of the highest elevations in Virginia. My roots are there ... our family members' homesteads dot the mountains and many relatives still live in the shadow of Grayson Highlands.

The views are spectacular. Farming was hard 100 years ago when my great-grandparents and, later, my grandparents tried to grow crops in the rocky soil. My grandparents eventually moved away from the area to make a better living and to raise their large family. Family reunions keep the roots watered and we return to again fall in love with the land.

The road curves down into yet another valley.

It's a common occurrence to see deer and other animals while taking the slower routes through the mountains.

The New River.

Big Wilson Creek. On a hot summer day it's fun to wade in this cold mountain stream.

The long drive leads to my cousin's house. When my grandparents moved east, the other siblings stayed in Grayson to raise their families, most of who still live within an hour of each other.

I spent many hours writing at this picnic table as the cows lazily watched. This country house (and the cows!) belong to another cousin and she freely offers it whenever we visit. The wide wrap-around porch with rocking chairs offered another writing spot as I perched with my laptop, typing and stopping to occasionally take in the beauty around me.

View from the Crooked Road otherwise known as Rt. 58.

The view goes on and on and on ...

Stone walls and rail fences are common in the Grayson Highlands.

A trail to follow at Grayson Highlands....

Mountain cemetery of pioneers from times gone by.

Green spaces at Grayson Highlands come alive with music festivals and craft fairs. Camping and picnic grounds entice visitors during the summer and fall.

SWAC Niece sat down to enjoy the view after we had climbed to the top of a huge rock outcropping.

Photos by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell

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Joy Jackson said...

Thanks for the tour and the history. It was lovely.