Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rude U.S. Congress?

Listening to BP officials being grilled, often rudely, by members of Congress over the Gulf oil spill brings to mind last summer when many in Congress canceled their townhall meetings to avoid their constituents. Were they afraid of being grilled in the same manner they use on Capitol Hill?


Cargosquid said...

Too right. I'd like to ask them what they plan to do to help those oil workers out of work due to THEIR policies and why THEIR oversight failed to handle this.

Citizen Tom said...

Cargosquid - What are you worried about? Why the haste to investigate Obama's government? Is there a shortage of other people who make mistakes. When all the corporations in this country have been punished for their imperfections, our Dear Leader can start on small businesses. When he runs out of those, he can just start throwing average citizens into slave labor camps.

By the time our Dear Leader is done, I suspect we will look a lot like N. Korea. Then there will be no one who dares to question His Wisdom. Then our Dear Leader will always be right. Isn't that all that matters? Because He tells us so, we will know that in His Hands everything is perfect.

Well. Maybe not.