Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bike Virginia brings 2,000 bicyclists to Valley during brutal heat wave

Ride, baby, ride! Bike Virginia is in town. A tent city has sprung up around Staunton's Shelburne School by many of the 2,000 bicyclists participating in Bike Virginia.

Having fun and standing out from the crowd, these ladies laughed when I called out that I liked their bunny ears.

Sunday's 100-degree temperatures had many seeking coolness away from tents baking in the sun.

Bicyclists from over 20 states participated in the five-day event that continues through Tuesday. Cars parked around Tent City were from VA, GA, NC, SC, ME, IN, MD, FL, WI, PA, NJ, IL, KY, OH, TN, NH, DE, WVa, AL, DC, and Quebec.

While some riders were on back roads in surrounding Augusta County, the folks sitting under this tarp were relaxing in the mid-day heat.

Vendors were set up on the school grounds.

A fire hydrant provided water for portable showers that were in great demand.

The brutal heat wave that hit the central Shenandoah Valley this week with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees continued on Sunday. Bicyclists will be riding the roads of Staunton, Harrisonburg, Augusta and Rockingham counties.

Photos by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
27 June 2010


jreesnc said...

I almost missed a turn as I was complementing the 'bunny riders' on their riding outfits!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

They were a hoot and definitely stood out amongst the pack! Wish I had called out, "Where are you from?" since so many states were represented.