Sunday, June 27, 2010

VA Right fights back

Tom White at Virginia Right! had his blog attacked Saturday but he's back up and going today and feistier than ever! And he's correct that being attacked means being effective. He writes:
I would like to say Thank You to the person responsible for the attack. As a result, my shared server is now sporting some new hardware that will actually make the site better at no cost to me. But most of all, I am very appreciative that you would take the time and effort to attack one small, Virginia based blog. It tells me that what we are writing is considered very harmful to your leftist cause.

That you would attack Virginia Right! is quite an honor and verification that sites like this are effectively winning the battle.

That you would attack Virginia Right! is validation (not that we needed any) that you are terrified of logic and reasoning and the only method open to you is to attempt to shut down the messenger.

That you would attack Virginia Right! is an open admission that exposing the truth is devastating to you, and a serious threat.

That you would attack Virginia Right! is an admission that you are unable to win on a level playing field. Even on a field slanted your way.

Thanks to you, I am 100% positive I am on the right track. I challenge all of the Conservative Blogs to hit back that much harder. We are winning when they feel the need to shut us up.

I can see November from my blog, and it looks damn good!
The conservative messengers will continuing getting out the conservative message.

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Joy Jackson said...

The same thing happened to the Gateway Pundit. I wonder how many other conservative bloggers have been hit.