Friday, June 11, 2010

Webb, Warner vote against VA citizens & FOR Big Government

Our lock-stepping U.S. senators did it again. Jim Webb and Mark Warner followed the Democrats right over the cliff, voting for even more overreaching Big Government, and voting against the will of their constituents in Virginia.

From Hot Air's Allahpundit:
And so a drama that began last December, when the EPA declared carbon dioxide to be an environmental hazard, ends predictably. Here’s the roll. All 41 Republicans voted yes — even Scotty B, despite an ad campaign in Massachusetts aimed at pressuring him to oppose the measure. Evan Bayh, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor, and even Jay Rockefeller, who hails from the coal capital of West Virginia, crossed the aisle to vote with the GOP. Result: The EPA will indeed retain its power to, in Ed’s words, “inject itself into just about every industry in the U.S.” in the name of reducing greenhouse gases.
Former Republican U.S. Senator George Allen commented:
[Thursday], by a narrow 53-47 majority, the US Senate appallingly voted for American economic unilateral disarmament. They voted against American and Virginia jobs and coal-related jobs, manufacturers and business, our competitiveness, and affordable electricity and for ceding legislative responsibility to unelected judges and bureaucrats.
The Washington Examiner wrote in its editorial:
Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., predicts that a suffocating new round of EPA regulations will soon descend upon the "one-fifth of our restaurants, one-fourth of our schools, two-thirds of our hospitals and doctor's offices, 10 percent of our churches, thousands of farms and millions of small businesses" that emit greenhouse gases. Considering how the EPA grandees mistreat their underlings, we wonder how the agency will respond to the soon-to-be-swelling ranks of critics on the outside.
More at The Washington Examiner here.

Norm at Tertium Quids (H/T to Virginia Right!) nailed the two lock-stepping Virginia senators. He first notes that Webb voted no and called him inconsistent, commenting:
This would be the same senator Webb who earlier said he was against the EPA attempting to regulate greenhouse gases and who even earlier warned the President not to sign any biding agreements on greenhouse gas emissions at the ill-fated Copenhagen conference.

Perhaps inconstant isn't strong enough to describe Webb's behavior. Flaky is much closer to the mark.
Ouch. Warner, also voting against the measure, prompted Norm to add:
... proving again that the self-described "radical centrist" is neither...though he does have a healthy appetite for more, bigger and costlier government.
Virginia needs to do something about those two senators....

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Joy Jackson said...

We could start a recall. I'd like to see them removed from office.