Friday, June 11, 2010

What? Democrat-led Congress hasn't passed a budget yet?

It's a shell game. While voters are busy trying to ward off the latest Democrat big government proposals, slipping under the radar is the fact the Democrat-led Congress has not passed a budget.

That fact did not escape the attention of CNN's Jack Cafferty, as reported by Matthew Balen at News Busters:

"The Democrats in Congress can't be bothered to pass a budget for next year. That's their job....It's simply outrageous." Cafferty also channeled the Tea Party and strongly condemned the federal government for "taking us down the road to financial ruin."

The CNN commentator began his 5 pm Eastern hour commentary by highlighting the "skyrocketing federal deficits and a national debt that just passed $13 trillion," along with the Democratic congressional leadership's stalling in passing next year's budget. He continued that "efforts to pass a budget have stalled in the House because Democrats can't agree on what and how much to cut. See, it's an election year and we can't be seen cutting things in an election year."

After using his "outrageous" label, Cafferty actually complimented the Republicans in Congress: "Republicans say the Democrats are making a huge mistake by not passing a budget, and they're right."
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Joy Jackson said...

As my financial wizard husband says, the longer they wait, the better it is. It will put off until September voting for various items to keep things going and will expose Congress very near election time.