Friday, September 17, 2010

Augusta County ... six-alarm fire scare

This morning the smoke has died down after volunteer firefighters spent all night working a six-alarm fire that had everyone on alert. Old tires and a trailer burned throughout the night and continue to smolder today. A bulldozer could be heard late into the night as a fire line was cleared between the fire and surround trees and underbrush. Today a chain saw can be heard as work continues. Winds are calm at the moment but our proximity to the Appalachian Mountains means winds could pick up at anytime.

Last night was a different story when flames shot up above the trees on the ridge behind the house, and a series of small explosions could be heard as fire engulfed something up on that ridge. Neighbors gathered to watch as a parade of cars pulled over to observe, those who could see the black smoke from miles away.

Extremely dry conditions had everyone concerned that the fire would get into the trees and race toward homes.

Firefighters and emergency personnel were on the scene at midnight when this photo was taken by SWAC Daughter as the two of us drove by the scene. Friends were among the volunteers fighting the blaze and we're thankful to them for their service and dedication.

Black smoke billowed as dusk settled on the fire that began around 6:30 Thursday evening. This morning SWAC Daughter called from the northern end of Augusta County to say the smoke was still lingering in the air as well as the smell of burning tires. We were extremely fortunate that winds were south-southwest last night because that kept the smoke off out house located within 1/4 mile of the flames. The smoke was so noticeable that a firefighter texted his wife, "Look toward Lynn's." Again, thanks to all the volunteers, many who spent the entire night on location to be sure this fire didn't get out of control. Many prayers went up last night for their safety.

News coverage from:
- WHSV TV-3, Harrisonburg
- Waynesboro News Virginian
- Fire in Western Augusta - SWAC Girl (additional photos)

Photos by SWAC Girl and SWAC Daughter
16-17 September 2010

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