Monday, September 27, 2010

WaExaminer: "Clean air and water aren't Big Green's top priorities"

The Washington Examiner's Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott has a "green" series that is worth the read.

SPECIAL EDITORIAL REPORT: Big Green, the environmental movement

Clean air and water aren't Big Green's top priorities

Examiner Special Editorial Report
"In their success, environmentalists have gone too far, destroying the once-healthy balance between economic and environmental needs."

They're the green gorillas of American politics
Mark Tapscott, Examiner Editorial Page Editor
"They are, in short, Big Green, the green gorillas of American politics and public policy, allied within the Democratic Party with Big Labor, trial lawyers, college professors, government dependents and abortion-at-any-cost extremists."

Big Green regulation is suffocating jobs and economic growth

Mark Hemingway, Examiner Columnist"
Five of the 50 volumes containing the federal regulatory code are devoted exclusively to environmental regulation, and an additional 12 volumes address environmental regulation to some degree."

Environmentalists left David behind long ago

Mark Hemingway, Examiner Columnist
"Of the $8.2 billion in annual revenue collected by the country’s 26,000 environmental non-profits, 32 percent of it goes to 285 that are based in the Washington, D.C., area."

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