Monday, September 06, 2010

Shenandoah ... "daughter of the stars"

With temperatures in the mid 50s tonight, I spent some time on the deck gazing at the September sky absolutely full of stars. What a beautiful sight!

I tried to identify some constellations ... was that the Big Dipper that seemed to be over the house? The Milky Way was overhead with millions of stars splashed across the darkened sky. Venus was bright in the WSW sky while Jupiter, shining bright and almost the closest to earth it's been since 1951, could be seen in the east.

I am always in awe when watching the night sky, the stars, the hugeness of it all ... sitting on a mountain top brings it even closer ... and it makes me feel closer to God. As the temperature dips toward the 40s for a second night in a row, the moonless sky provides a light show unmatched by anything that is man-made. It truly is the Shenandoah ... "daughter of the stars."

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