Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to SWAC blogger Bob!

Happy Birthday to Bob K!
This man's life journey has taken him to many places and along many paths making him well-loved by his many friends and colleagues. Bob K is celebrating his birthday today and I'd like to add to his birthday wishes.

Bob is a Christian, loving husband, dad to two great kids, and home school veteran parent who looks at the world with artistic eyes and sees what many miss. His love of Christ shines through in everything he does ... his photos are inspiring ... his faith in mankind is restorative ... his friendly smile is well-known. He is a fellow SWAC blogger, educating and opining at his blog, The Journey, as he shares his art and photos and experiences.

Friends have been stopping by his Facebook page all day leaving birthday wishes, and he responded by providing an update about how his day had gone so far. It turns out he spent the morning in his wife's preschool class teaching those little folk how to draw a black bear.
Thank You, everyone for the kind words! This has been a wonderful day so far... I got to go to [my wife's] preschool to tell bear stories for "B" week. The kids all sang "Happy Birthday." I helped them learn to draw bears...

"To draw a bear, you start with a pear.
Put on some legs, and then add some hair."

I drew the bears and the kids painted them and added acorns, leaves, grass, etc. I love their joy and energy.
That in a short paragraph shows the joy Bob finds with life and how he is always looking to enrich someone else's life or share his love of art in some way with others.

His weekly hikes in the surrounding Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains are legendary as he brings back photos of changing leaves, snow, animals, rock formations, or anything else that catches his eye. He often invites others to join him as he explores yet another trail on his life's journey.

Bob would insist his friends have enriched his life but rest assured we all feel our lives have been enriched by knowing him and his family.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Update: Bob posts a response.

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Bob K. said...

Thank you! Your friendship and encouragement has been a major blessing in my life.

Now I have to live up to all those nice things you've said about me. I pray that I might truely be an encourager of others as you have shown me in your life.