Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Allen: 'Washington is standing in way of utilizing American energy resources'

Richmond, VA – George Allen issued the following statement today on the Senate’s failure to pass the Offshore Production & Safety Act of 2011. This bill would restore American production of oil and natural gas and require the Interior Department to process permits efficiently.
“Once again, Tim Kaine’s liberal allies in the U.S. Senate are standing in the way of Virginians seeking the freedom to safely explore for oil and natural gas. By voting against Senator McConnell’s bill, Senator Harry Reid and his liberal followers in Washington made it clear that they are more interested in finding taxes to fuel their wasteful spending than they are in finding energy to fuel America’s economy. This bill would have been a modest first step in increasing our American energy supplies and creating jobs here in Virginia.

"As families and businesses continue to suffer the effects of $4/gallon gasoline prices, Virginians deserve a leader who will stand up to Washington’s anti-energy policies, not aide them in their political games. The sooner Washington reverses its counterproductive energy policies, the sooner we will be able to unleash the plentiful resources sitting under our land and water and start producing affordable American energy, creating American jobs, protecting our national security and keeping our money in the United States.”
George Allen for U.S. Senate

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