Friday, May 27, 2011

A Democratic horror story: 'Raise the Gas Tax'

RPV Presents a Democratic Horror Movie: "Raise the Gas Tax" 

Memorial Day weekend is here, and that means it's time to hit the movies! Which is good, because a lot of working families are hard pressed to come up with enough money to take a vacation.

Filling up an average 15 gallon tank these days costs more than $56.

But that's not enough for Virginia Democrats.

To that end, RPV is proud to present a new summer blockbuster: "Rai$e the Gas Tax," a chilling tale of horror at the gas pump, sought by the Democrats in the Virginia Senate.

Starring Roscoe Reynolds, John Miller and Ralph Northam as three die-hard liberals who will stop at nothing until your trip to the gas station leaves you in tears!
  • Sen. Roscoe Reynolds went to great lengths this year to tell his colleagues just how unfair it was that North Carolina was able to tax its drivers at a higher rate than Virginia does, and exhorted them to consider raising the gas tax. See the video here.
  • Sen. John Miller went to Richmond promising to be a fiscal conservative. But once safely seated in Capitol Square, he was off to the tax hike races as fast as he could run.

    "Beginning in 2011, when the economy is stronger, the equivalent of 2 cents a gallon would be added to the gas tax, each year for five years,"

        -- Sen. Miller, writing in the Daily Press, Jan. 17, 2010
  • Sen. Ralph Northam even had a page calling for a gas tax hike on his campaign web site... until he realized how unpopular it was and took down the page. Fortunately, Google has a long memory. 
  • All three voted for Dick Saslaw's SB 6009, which would have raise the gas tax every year for six years, among other hikes.

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