Friday, May 20, 2011

Washington Examiner writers opine on this week's news

Posts of note this week from The Washington Examiner's Opinion Zone bloggers

Ivan G. Osorio - AFL-CIO's Trumka complains. Will Democrats listen?
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is warning Democrats that they should push organized labor's agenda more aggressively, lest they lose union support.  And then what? 
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Ben Domenech - The Right ignores Gingrich's advice
It’s a shame to see so many people stumble over each other to reveal themselves as unserious observers of politics.  All the more since what Gingrich actually had to say was exactly the kind of message many on the right desperately need to hear at this juncture.  Read More

Comment from Examiner Opinion Zone bloggers on Virginia's Campaign 2012

Virginia’s Senate candidates are squabbling. That should not come as a surprise, as that’s what candidates do. However, the most recent tiff is over something quite serious: the federal debt ceiling. Read More
Senate candidate David McCormick isn’t making much of an impression in the polls (yet) and his political resume doesn’t match the leading GOP candidate, fmr. Sen. George Allen.  But he does have one thing Allen and the rest of the Republican field lacks: a theme. Read More

Posts of note this week from The Washington Examiner's Local Opinion Zone: News & Views Washington, D.C. Area Bloggers

For a city that has adopted “no taxation without representation” as its official motto, it is ironic that the D.C. City Council has no problem imposing a plethora of taxes on visitors to the District who have little say in local politics.  Read More
Over the last two days tornadoes reportedly hit Maryland’s Eastern Shore, yet not a word of caution or concern from Governor Martin O’Malley (D).  Read More
Have you seen purple plastic boxes hanging by a metal hook on tree limbs and wondered what they were?  Read More

More posts of note this week from The Washington Examiner's Opinion Zone: Commentary from Across the Country

Rand Simberg
- Activists rally for effective space policy
A couple days ago, two space activist organizations put out action alerts urging Americans interested in progress in space to support two critical budget items for NASA's next fiscal year. Read More

Christopher Taylor - On the wrong track with commercial rail
I love trains.  If I have to go long distance, that's my favorite way to travel, and I've ridden Amtrak's Coast Starlight line many times in the past.  Although the newer passenger cars are less comfortable and roomy than the old ones, I still prefer them over airplane travel.  The problem is, we just can't afford Amtrak any longer as a nation. Read More

Amanda Muscavage - YouTube’s 'Town Hall' lets opposing politicians speak their piece
YouTube launched an innovative forum Wednesday where Congress members debate the issues that are most important to Americans.  On YouTube’s new Town Hall channel, videos from Congress members with opposing viewpoints are placed next to each other and viewers can click a button to indicate which perspective they support. Read More

Neil Hrab - Obama’s Arab speech: meanwhile, back in the real world - 
If only we could see in advance the talking points and question-and-answer documents that Obama’s communications staffers have been working on. Maybe the plan is to brand all critics as "isolationists" and "nativists" - two slurs one often hears when someone speaks out critically on foriegn policy. Read More

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