Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Washington Examiner Tuesday headlines

Byron York - Like Obama, GOP plans pivot to jobs, economy

Throughout 2009 and much of 2010, Republican strategists were amazed by what they saw on Capitol Hill. Democrats had just won a big election and knew the public was eager for them to work on economic recovery. So what did Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do? They pushed their party's top priority, national health care, instead of the public's top priority. Read More

Susan Ferrechio - GOP doing damage control on budget cuts

A week after losing a Republican-leaning House seat, the GOP will schedule a vote on whether to raise the nation's debt ceiling that they hope will show that Democrats are just as unwilling to increase how much the government can borrow without significantly reducing how much it spends. Read More

Palin bus tour leaves Washington _ but for where?

Sarah Palin said Monday she is "still kind of contemplating" a presidential campaign as she and her family set off from the nation's capital on a bus tour of historical sites that left observers puzzled about what the former Alaska governor planned next — both for her schedule and her career. Read More

Philip Klein - Don't assume that Palin will run

News that Sarah Palin was launching a nationwide bus tour has renewed speculation that she's going to launch a presidential bid later this year, but I'm not convinced. Read More
Timothy P. Carney - Top Obama health aide cashes out after health 'reform'

An Obama appointee who played a central role in crafting the 2010 health care bill has cashed out to a well-connected lobbying firm, where her first clients are two of the bill's beneficiaries: abortion provider Planned Parenthood and a hospital chain. Read More

Brian Hughes - Obama hopes to change views on auto industry bailout

President Obama is hoping to change voters' views of his controversial bailout of the auto industry and turn his own political liability against Republicans amid signs that U.S. automakers are rebounding. At the height of the bailout rage -- when the government pumped billions of dollars into General Motors and Chrysler despite a Republican outcry -- it would have been difficult for liberals to craft a winning political message defending big-government spending. Read More

David Freddoso  -  Congressmen don't have to read bills, so what makes you think the president has to sign them?

Politico takes on the Obama administration's insistence that the president need not actually sign bills in order to make them law: Read More

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