Wednesday, May 18, 2011

George Allen: Sign petition to let Virginia chart course for energy freedom

[As a friend and I discussed our future Senator yesterday, I noted that George Allen was conservative before conservative was cool. My friend added, "George Allen made conservative 'cool.' " ]

Dear Patriots,

Gasoline prices are nearly $4/gallon.  Families and businesses are struggling to cover the costs of skyrocketing fuel and food prices in a slow economy.  And what are Tim Kaine's allies doing in Washington?  

• Today the obstructionist Senate voted against a bill that would have allowed Virginia to explore for and produce oil and natural gas off our coast;
• Democrats have floated proposals to tax Americans based on how many miles they drive;
• And they have abdicated their Constitutional legislative responsibility by allowing the EPA to advance their Cap-and-Trade "energy tax" scheme through draconian regulations that will result in increased food, electricity and fuel costs.

Virginians voices are once again being ignored by Washington and its time they started listening.  Today I am launching a  petition to tell Washington to get out of the way and let Virginia chart our own course for energy freedom.

Unlike my opponent, I pledge to all Virginians that I will fight against cap-and-trade schemes, taxes on energy, and barriers that block American production and jobs.  It is time to unleash our energy resources and creativity not stifle them under over burdensome regulations or a de-facto moratorium.

The good news is that we have the resources under our land and water.  What we need is to remove the self-imposed barriers to safe and responsible production of American energy from American resources.

I urge Virginians to  join me as I fight against Washington's counter-productive energy policies.  With your help  we can advocate for an energy plan that promotes energy freedom by utilizing our plentiful resources such as coal, natural gas and oil. I respectfully ask Virginians to join me and tell Washington to stop the harmful obstruction and work to ensure our energy independence.

Stand Strong for Freedom,


George Allen

PS. Click here to join our campaign and fight for energy freedom!

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