Friday, May 27, 2011

Gov. McDonnell acts to keep murderer behind bars ... Kaine stonewalls on release decision

~ RPV Chairman Mullins calls for Kaine to open his Soering records to the public ~

Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Gov. McDonnell's announcement regarding Jens Soering:

"I applaud Governor McDonnell's decision not to intervene in the case of Jens Soering.  Releasing Soering into German custody could see him released in as little as two years. A jury of 12 Virginians sentenced Soering to two life terms in prison, and Governor McDonnell's action makes sure that the sentence imposed by that jury will be carried out.

"At the same time, I'm surprised that we haven't heard more from former DNC Chairman Kaine about this issue. Chairman Kaine's recently said that he has 'no regrets' regarding his decision to allow Soering return to Germany, and  a spokeswoman's said Kaine  'welcomes questions on any part of his record.'

"Just last week, Chairman Kaine was provided with a pre-written records release that, with his signature, would open up his files and let us understand his decision-making process.

"If Chairman Kaine truly has 'no regrets' about how he handled this situation, then he shouldn't be ashamed to let us see what went into the decision making process. 

Just what is Tim Kaine so afraid for Virginia voters to see?"
Letter to Kaine
Record Request 

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