Friday, May 20, 2011

Update: Suspicious man in rubber raft outside Va's Surry nuclear power plant

Update: The man has been taken into custody and the suspicious black box contained sand. The latest at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Update: Here's a link to Richmond's WTVR TV-6 with the latest. (H/T Jane)

Fox News is reporting there is a curious situation developing outside Virginia's Surry nuclear power plant. A man in a 9' inflatable rubber raft with no motor on the James River near the nuclear plant has been apprehended by authorities who are in the process of towing his boat to shore.

The white male who appears to be in his 30s, according to John Bull with the Virginia Marine Police, has a 10-to-12' metal chain around his neck with a suspicious 2'x1' black box attached. The raft has been adrift in the area for about five hours.

Police do not have an identity for the man nor how he got there nor what's in the box. The man is disoriented and confused although he reportedly sometimes becomes lucid and cooperative, but is mostly disoriented. He was first seen by a crabber on the James River who approached the rubber boat but was told by the man to stay away but that he needed help.

The mystery is unraveling on Fox News....

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