Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas cookie baking....

Even with inclement weather in the forecast, it is cookie baking weekend at my house. With my sister, 12-year-old niece, and daughter in the kitchen today, we have turned out dozens of Christmas cookies and gingerbread men as well as fudge and chocolate-covered toffee.

There is more to bake and we may be racing the clock although the expected winter weather is just beginning outside so perhaps we will not receive the great amount of icing originally called for (and predicted to begin about six hours ago).

The cold today made for a brisk walk in the quiet that seemed to be waiting for wintry precipitation ... the air felt like snow.

We gather each year to make these goodies to give away to friends and to use as we entertain folks at our homes. Sometimes the cookies have children's names on them; sometimes they are designed especially for one particular friend or family member in mind.

Blogging on politics takes a backseat while family pulls closer and we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. The pace of life slows down as we make Frasier fir wreaths to use inside and out, gather berries from the yard to use for decorating, and make goodies for the birds who frequent our bird feeder and heated bird bath.

Christmas is 10 days away. Jesus ... the reason for the Season....

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