Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Conspiracy to hide global warming facts?

DJ McGuire at The Right-Wing Liberal published an eye-opening post about the difficulty global warming skeptics are having getting their research printed in scientific publications. He concluded A Desperately Needed Jolt of Reality to the Global Warming Debate with this:
Even more telling (and troubling) was this comment from Hebrew University of Jerusalem Dynamical Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Professor Nathan Paldor (emphasis added):

“Many of my colleagues with whom I spoke share these views and report on their inability to publish their skepticism in the scientific or public media.

Now, MSM is one thing, but if scientific publications are no longer willing to accept research that challenges political sacred cows, whole sets of disciplines are in big trouble. This is nothing short of green-tinged McCarthyism.
Interesting. And unacceptable. When will the mainstream media and the scientific community expose Al Gore and his global warming conspiracy for what they are ... merely someone's opinion? Thirty years ago the big "sky is falling" claim by global conspiratists was that we were heading into an ice age.

The truth of the matter is no one knows for certain what the worldwide climate is doing because we are but a speck of time in the history of this planet. For someone like Al Gore to receive mostly unquestioned acceptance -- publicly -- of the theory he is promoting is tragic. To subvert any questioning of that theory is even more tragic.

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hmj2008 said...

Thank God. Someone who actually gets it. The earths weather is cyclical and has been for centuries. I posted on another site 2 Time magazine covers. One from the 1970's that said 'How to prepare for the coming Ice Age'the other in 2008 that said 'The Global Warming Survival Guide' This is ridiculous.