Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kaine's budget....

As more read and analyze Tim Kaine's proposed budget, the reality of his tax-and-spend policy is more evident ... and many conservative bloggers have zeroed in on that. As I read their analyses, I am reminded of the tough primary fight SWAC came through locally in June ... because of the tax issue.

As stated here many times, I believe in responsible spending. If current programs cannot be financially covered it does not makes sense to add new programs. It is similar to personal budgets that we all deal with on a daily basis ... if we do not have the money, we cannot spend it.

This is oversimplifying the issue and I do not pretend to be an expert on financial matters. However, I know when we have the money and when we don't. To spend projected funds is asking for trouble ... remember Kaine's alarm about a transportation crisis? What happened?

Spank That Donkey has his thoughts on the budget here and here.

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling's response to the budget is here.

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