Thursday, December 20, 2007

Contemporary Conservative joins Bloggers 4 Gilmore

And then there were nine.... Jody at The Contemporary Conservative joined Bloggers 4 Jim Gilmore today.

Jody's reason for joining is ...
... to support former Governor Gilmore in his bid to retain the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Warner. Bloggers 4 Gilmore is a collection of the most influential and accomplished political minds in Virginia and like these bloggers, Jim Gilmore, is the voice of our times and for our times.

As a fiscal Conservative, Jim Gilmore’s record on taxes and common sense spending is a big reason why the Contemporary Conservative endorses his run for Senate. While Governor, Jim Gilmore cut 16 different taxes totaling $1.5 billion and championed effective spending by our state legislature over the course of his governorship and will bring this same fiscal responsibility to the Senate.

Jim Gilmore will be an instant influence on Washington and will bring some direction to an obviously chaotic time in Congress with real solutions for real issues that are facing our country and state.
We welcome the Contemporary Conservative to our growing group working to elect Jim Gilmore as our next U.S. Senator of Virginia.

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