Monday, December 31, 2007

The historic homes and buildings of Victorian Bon Air....

Bon Air water tower in the Village.

Growing up in Bon Air was an adventure for a child who walked to church, biked to school, enjoyed sleigh riding on Snead's Hill where Ukrop's is now located at the corner of Stony Point and Huguenot Roads, and rode bikes with friends to the James River. I have happy memories of friends and family gatherings and swim parties and dances at Bon Air Community Center.

While visiting family this Christmas I drove through Bon Air and took some photos of the various historic houses and buildings that show a variety of architecture and serve as a reminder of the Victorian days when Bon Air was an escape from the summer heat in Richmond for the upper class beginning in the 1870s.

Old Bon Air library known as Hazen Memorial Library.

Original Bon Air Post Office.

Original Bon Air Hotel

Photos by SWAC Girl

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What!?! You couldn't detour through the trailer court in Powhatan and say hey to Flora?

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